Flower Aku

We arrange artificial flowers and make hair bands and hair-Rubber.
Price 1000 Yen ~
(500 yen for each flower increase)

Niva (D)

A baby brand that develops a gift for a gift, such as a baby gift.
A special day dress up for your birthday parties, weddings and parties.
The daily line to enjoy everyday stylish. A ceremony line for celebration of omiya.
To all sweet babies, cute kids and nice mums.
All the cute red and the children and the wonderful mom.
I suggest the adult’s ‘ cute ‘.
* Niva made in Japan all products are domestic production.

Bibs are the perfect gift for baby shower and special occasions for babies. niva proposes three lines.
Dress­up line­ for the special occasions such as birthday party, wedding ceremony, and other parties.
Daily line­ for casual daily use. Ceremony line­ for newborn baby.
To all sweet babies, cute kids and nice mums. niva introduces something “kawaii” all mums love !
The products are all made in Japan.

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